BSE Systems (Pty) Ltd.


BSE Systems (Pty) Ltd provides RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING SERVICES in blended & e-learning technologies

The BSE Systems blended learning solution combines a variety of different learning materials specifically designed and adapted to meet specific learning needs and styles. With extensive experience in e-learning, training, and enterprise technology, we provide a wide range of services, offering results-based corporate e-learning solutions

In order to address the primary objective of skills empowerment and Sustainability, the BSE Systems blended learning Model aims to apply an entrepreneurship/career guidance and specific Skills Development model of learning to all individuals in South Africa (Africa)

This model will succeed to implement measures of effectiveness in training entrepreneurs, improving personal and business skills, staircase learners into employment and provide pathways for learners to access further education and to ultimately participate in the overall economic growth of Africa.


Overview of components & Learning methodologies
Web Portals providing the gateway to the online blended learning experience.
Customized self-paced learning or self study
Computer-based training (CBT) through Microsoft Class Server 2003 ®
Instructor-led support in classrooms (Group Contact teaching)
One-on-one support services (Contact teaching)
Textbooks (Hard copy and e-books)
A network of outside resources (knowledge libraries)
Practical workshops and/or “boot camps” - Just in time training
Virtual classrooms & Satellite TV content streaming
Educational support through mentorship's  
On the job training and internship  
In-depth pre-certification testing & assessment  
Advanced profiling, tracking & reporting  
Certification & Accreditation