BSE Overview


It has been recognized worldwide that the key to any business success and survival today is: “Driving Growth through Innovation”
In order to achieve this, the need for an entrepreneurial business culture has become the key competitive advantage of any company – small or large.

In order to implement this vision, the following has been formulated:

Entrepreneurship = Creativity + Innovation

In simple terms this means: how to create new ideas (Creativity) and how to implement them successfully (Innovation).

This formula is supported by the Timmons Model of the Entrepreneurship Process as shown below:

In supporting this model, Stephen Grech (Corporate Strategist) and Koos Koen (Visiting Professor at Wits Business School) identified an urgent need for integrated Entrepreneurial Leadership and Economic Development Programmes in South Africa, Africa and other developing regions. They have recognized this need as a huge business opportunity and have formed the Business School of Entrepreneurship (Pty) Ltd (BSE) in 2003 to explore this as a business venture in South Africa as well as globally. Subsequently, a group of companies have been formed to support our vision:

“The BSE to be the Entrepreneurship Business School of preference and recognized as the champion of production per capita as one of the primary boosters of the economy and for the BSE’s education, development and mentorship models to become the benchmark for de facto entrepreneurship development internationally”

With the above in mind, the following two collective and integrated value propositions have been developed for the BSE Group:

To create and/or develop moral, responsible and successful entrepreneurial business leaders that will become job creators instead of job seekers.
To create and/or develop successful entrepreneurial organisations and projects in order to contribute to economic development and job creation in their region.

The strategic outcome of both objectives will be to:

“improve the production per capita – the main driver of the economy”

The need for BEE partners has been recognized as vital for the South African operation, and in structuring the BSE (SA), equity share holding has been allocated to BEE partners. An Advisory Board will be appointed that will be active in the operations of the BSE in providing direction and unlocking of funds and opportunities.

The operational structure of the BSE is that of a “virtual company” whereby most of the delivery will be done by means of experienced, proven and world class service providers and business partners while the core activities of the BSE Group will be to focus on the following:
Be the main interface to the customer with the objective to manage and control communications and contractual aspects (CRM).
Perform all BSE Group marketing, business development and brand awareness.
Identify the business opportunity and then conceptualize, develop and manage a holistic solution.
Negotiate and obtain project funding.
Appoint and manage all service providers.
Provide administration and operational services.
Provide Learning Management and E-Learning systems and services.
Design and implement an international skills E-market site and portal.
Design and package entrepreneurial multi-media training and leadership development programmes.

The service providers will form an alliance with the BSE Group and will be appointed on a contract or project basis, as and when needed.

Business partners

The following partnerships, which include BSE Holdings equity holding, have been formed:

CG International: A well-known Canadian international company active in the delivery of Entrepreneurial Development programmes worldwide has formed a business partnership with the BSE and has been offered a stake holding in the BSE Group. This company will become the key partner for BSE to roll-out entrepreneurial programmes in Africa as well as other developing regions. They will also serve on the BSE advisory board.

University of Africa (UoA): The BSE is a founder member and shareholder of the UoA, a PPP with Tshwane University of Technology and the African Institute of Leadership (Pamodzi). This university will offer distance and contact teaching to some 20 000 students in Africa.

AgriVula Academy of Learning: This is a joint venture with AgriVula, a BEE Business Development Specialist Group that will be strategically focused on the development of the South African Industry through the aggressive implementation of an Agri Industrialisation Incubation Fund and Industrialisation Platform. The AgriVula Academy will provide all skills training, management development, coaching and mentorships to all of AgriVula’s Agri Business Units.


Service Providers, and Alliances

The following main alliances and partnerships have been established to deliver on the above value offerings:

CG International (Canada):

Entrepreneurial Programmes
Development projects
Specific industry specific programmes
400 facilitators trained to deliver
Have trained thousands of educators
Active in 7 countries.

The Kobus Neethling Group:

Whole Brain Creativity
Creative Team Building
Whole Brain Leadership
Creative Problem Solving
Whole Brain Evaluation

Wits Business School and Unisa’s School of Business Leadership:

Academic programmes (Contact and distance learning)
Executive Development Programmes
In-house customized programmes
Both are top Business Schools in Africa.

Learning Resources (Pty) Ltd:

Harvard Blended Learning High Performance modules
E-Learning modules.

Anton Roodt and Associates:

Strategic Leadership
Corporate Governance.

Pieter de Villiers Consulting:

Post-modern company cultural and leadership development
Customer services
Customer Relationship Management.

Strategic Development CC:

Leadership Programmes
Team building
Self mastery
Leadership Matrix.

Q-5 and CAMS:

Imperative quality control protocols and measurements.
Improve service standards
Centre for Applied Management Science.


Women in Leadership Programmes
Change and obstacles for change

Tshwane University of Technology:

Academic programmes
Agricultural courses
Hospitality School
Education courses
Public Management School

Livewell Training Institute (Personal and SMEs):

Managing your personal finances
Secretary Grooming
Stress management
Industrial relations
Image management

The Genesis Group:

Personal Profiling
Job profiling
Competency assessments

Michiel Erasmus and Associates:

IS Strategy development
ICT strategic consulting
E-Business consulting and training

Delivery models

The BSE has developed a unique and compelling learning delivery model that is shown below. This model has been designed to align very closely with the strategic objectives of the origination and addresses the performance management of the employees by means of the Balance Scorecard and a Personal Charter.

A Leadership Matrix will be compiled for each organization in order to measure competencies and to identify gaps and shortcomings. Outcomes should be linked to business performance management to ensure that everyone contributes to the strategic outcomes of the organization. This approach will result in a focused transformation that will support the main strategic outcomes as listed in the model.

A similar model has been designed for consulting and transformation projects. In this case the three main pillars of a business will be addressed: Process, People and Technology as shown in the value proposition wheel above.

The BSE has also developed engagement models that have been customised to support specific industries and vertical markets.


Customers and recent projects

We are currently delivering and/or negotiating a number of large projects as follows:

A three-year Leadership Development Programme for Telkom SA in alliance with Wits Business School. We will start the third programme in May 2005.
Management training programmes for a large number of Black Estates Agents for the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
Entrepreneurial Development Programmes in alliance with CG International of Canada for the Department of Education.
African Airline Training and Transformation Programmes for IATA.
AgriVula, a development programme for land claims farms.
We are busy forming the “University of Africa” in partnership with the Tshwane University of Technology, to deliver Leadership and Transformation Programmes in Africa.
Our alliances and business partners have delivered management development programmes for a very large number of companies locally and internationally for many years.
We are busy implementing a world-class E-Learning and Learning Management System in partnership with Microsoft (Using ClassServer 4).
Leadership and customer services consulting for City Power Johannesburg.