Group strucutre

Business School of Entrepreneurship (Pty) Ltd: The BSE offers Entrepreneurial and Leadership Development programmes in South Africa and the other SADEC countries. This company will be the primary vehicle to implement human capital development programmes focusing on emotional and intellectual capacity. A large number of programmes have been structure to support vertical markets such as Telecommunications, Airlines, Electricity, Local Government and Banking,

BSE Consult (Pty) Ltd: This company will offer organisational and consulting services to support the BSE Groupís collective value offerings. Services such as the development and implementation of Business and ICT strategies will be offered. This company will also offer turnaround and restructuring services as well as SME development incubators.

BSE Systems (Pty) Ltd, has been formed to provide and develop all E-Learning, Learning Management and ICT technical services to customers as well as to the other BSE Group of companies. A large number of programmes and management tools have already been develop and will support our unique delivery models. An Educational Portal will also be created that will serve as the central support hub to service and manage all customers, learners as well as supporting the entrepreneurial incubation hubs and e-learning programmes. A large range of blended learning programmes will be offered on this portal, e.g. the International Computer driving License (ICDL).

BSE Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd, has been formed to offer Microsoft Business Solutions to small/medium start-up companies as well as to companies in transformation. These services will also be available on an Application Service Provider basis to small companies in a very cost-effective way. This company will also offer software development services.

BSE Activ (Pty) Ltd has been formed to create and develop content for entrepreneurial programmes as well as to obtain all the necessary SAQA accreditations. This company will also work closely with CG International to customize and offer their programmes in Africa.

BSE International (Pty) Ltd: This company will offer all Group services to African Countries outside of the SADEC region as well as other developing regions such as the Middle East, India and South East Asia.